MorphOS is also important in the Amiga News section. This nextgen AmigaOS compatible operating system is seeing lots of development. Alb42 is behind both MUImapparium which is OpenStreetViewer for Classic and Nextgen Amiga. He also made Ask Your Amiga aka AYA for Amiga systems which let you ask the net anything.

Now alb42 is making it possible to watch tv on MorphOS. Interesting times! Just see the MorphOS tease video above!

A long introduction to what I did now, the TVHeadend have a JSON based API, therefore it was rather easy to write a little program to get all the information from the Server show it in a window and select a channel to stream. And of course as I always do when I start a new program I also make it for Amiga style systems, MorphOS is this case. (but also for Linux)

It is a service in Germany, but its interesting seeing how it works. I would love to watch any TV channels on my MorphOS machine. That would be awesome! There is no mentioning about when the application will be done. It’s an interesting topic to cover.