Want to Learn about Amiga OS?

For some. Printed words on paper still work better than reading them online. Well, Amiga.Net.Pl made sure that you can get to know Amiga and its AmigaOS operating system without checking the web. Because he made lots of books describing AmigaOS for you. Amitopia Amiga Magazine got them for writing about them.

So, what part of AmigaOS do you want to understand better? Is it the operating system itself or is it how to work with AmigaOS every day?

Want to Learn about Amiga OS?

Amiga.Net.Pl got the Amiga Books for Everyone

Either you want to learn about Classic AmigaOS, MorphOS, AmigaOS 4, Dopus, AMOS, Deluxe Paint or even Programming on Amiga. Adam from Amiga.Net.Pl got it covered for you. From learning about installing to practicing usage of the Amiga programs. He covers Amiga like no other in nicely presented books.

His Amiga books are the ideal gift for yourself or any Amigan that you want to give a nice present to. We recommend anyone wanting to give their bookshelf a nice addon too.

Want to Learn about Amiga OS?

Three Volumes covering Classic AmigaOS

If you want to get into how Classic AmigaOS works. We suggest you get all of the three volumes that is covering Classic AmigaOS. First one is the one with Floppy, the second one is the one with Boing Ball and the third is with the Amiga checkmark. You can order all of them on his site.

At Amiga34 you will be able to win them at Amitopia Amiga Magazine stand. Amiga34 is an huge Amiga Event in Neuss, Germany. We really hope to meet our readers there.

Want to Learn about Amiga OS?

All of the books got an easy text to read, lots of illustrations and they are all good looking. We recommend them to all wanting to have a better knowledge of AmigaOS which many people still uses in 2019. Who at Commodore would think that back in 1994?… .. !


Source: Amiga.Net.Pl