New Warp 1260 Cooler for Amiga 1200 is under Testing

Not many have created innovative coolers for Amiga. Most of the computers have always used CPUs such as 68000, 68020 or even 68030 that don’t need coolers. But Warp 1260 will need some sort of cooling. 68060 is one of the most Loved Amiga CPUs in history This CPU isContinue Reading

3 of the Biggest Cinemas in Norway used Amiga

We know from our interviews with various people such as our person in Iraq about the Amiga’s role there. But in Norway Amiga had its total momentum in 1993. Not because of the awesome games for it but because of the Norwegian SCALA Multimedia dominance. Thanks to them Amiga becameContinue Reading

ATonce gave Amiga 500 286 PC Capabilities

With many claiming that Amiga 500 or any other Amiga should be as they are. Amitopia Amiga Magazine knows that any Amiga machine is a computer. This means that they are made for getting upgrades and tweaks to them like any PC or Mac. 286 Hardware Emulator for Amiga 500Continue Reading

Want to Learn about Amiga OS?

For some. Printed words on paper still work better than reading them online. Well, Amiga.Net.Pl made sure that you can get to know Amiga and its AmigaOS operating system without checking the web. Because he made lots of books describing AmigaOS for you. Amitopia Amiga Magazine got them for writingContinue Reading