Something really cool is about to happen for every Amiga user. Its not a new machine for $6000 but it is our classic Amigas that will get an impressive rocket booster named as Vampire V4. Not much details is spread around but Gunnar have hinted about an late summer release in this video from Oufparty last weekend.

Vampire V4 series gets a release just after the Summer

In the recent video from Oufparty 2019, Gunnar hints at Vampire V4 release this summer and that the Amiga 1200 named as V1200 will be sent to retailers at the end of July this summer. Amedia Computer France is mentioned in the video above and so we are glad that one of our sponsors will be soon offering Vampire V4 cards as standalone, for Amiga 500 and V1200 for Amiga 1200.

Vampire V4 will work in any Amiga 500 as a accelerator or as a standalone Amiga. It depends on which core you run. Which means that Vampire V4 will be one of the most modular accelerators for Amiga. Which makes it even more unique! A vampire transformer!

Run Amiga AGA games like a pro with this 68080 accelerator

The most interesting thing about Vampire V4 is that it will give all Amigans access to AGA gaming experience. Either in a new cage or connected to your Amiga 500. This will give the Amiga community new blood for sure which is something that Amiga needs.


With Vampire V4 or even V1200 these accelerator cards will give 68080 party everywhere around the globe and even more people will be able to play some of the most awesome Amiga AGA games that came before and AFTER the fall of Commodore era. Be sure to play Breathless, Slamtilt, Xtreme Racing, Quake and even the newest Reshoot R game without any issues.

This release is a rebirth of Amiga platform. Soon available at Amedia Computer France and all other Amiga stores. Great!



Source: Apollo Team