The WebKit browser for MorphOS is yet again on the move. This time it is Wayfarer 3.9 that is out for MorphOS with lots of streaming video fixes to the browser and more!

Soon, Wayfarer is reaching 4.0 and it’s been a steady cycle of updates. I am really impressed. Jacek is doing an amazing job!

All of the Improvements in Wayfarer 3.9

  • Implemented ClearKey DRM support for HLS media streams
  • Implemented HLS stream quality switching accessible from the media popup
  • Added configurable touch events emulation (think Youtube-Mobile seeking slider)
  • Refactored the HLS player to allow MPEG-TS playback
  • Live HLS streams now start playing closer to the current time
  • Improved stream end position reporting to get some streaming services correctly skip to the next stream after playing ads
  • Updated libcurl

I’ve been testing this version out. Downloaded the update and started to surf. ClearKey encryption is still being used by some live streaming services such as Norway’s national broadcaster, for example. Or if you want to test on a simple page, check out the Ícelandic RÚV2 stream,

The web surfing experience now is a bit better which is an awesome task to do.

Wayfarer 2.9 reads weather site very nicely. It loads everything as it should. And yes, Tromsø is getting a small heatwave on the 1st of July! Then on the 3rd of July, it’s back to normal Norwegian summer up north.

The Amitopia site is tested and it feels fast. I tested the reading time of the front page and the articles with speed as expected on a PowerBook G4 1.64GHz laptop. Reading various other sites such as DW and Google Maps works great too. Yes! Even the WordPress 5.9 CMS system is fast when using it for everything except for writing articles in it which is still a bit slow.

Uploading more than one image by using the WordPress multi-file uploader is also working great. Just take a look!

I didn’t use all of the grabs that I made on MorphOS. But I tried the multi-file function without any issues at all. I haven’t installed WordPress 6.0 yet because I am waiting for some Plugins to get updates very soon first.

Using Wayfarer for daily use is fully possible. It is not the same as modern hardware. But for what you get this is pretty amazing all in all. Uploading grabs of MorphOS and AmigaOS software has never been easier for me.

I love this browser! It shows that this community is awesome. Wayfarer is a nice reason for using MorphOS in 2022.

Get the Latest Wayfarer from its website Here

Wayfarer is written by Jacek Piszczek. Additional code by Harry Sintonen, including but not limited to updating our compiler suites, libnix, pthreads,
and Netstack which made the port possible.