Can this speaker beat our previous review of Music Angel Friends? Well, in this review we have made an exclusive video showing you how the sound is when it comes directly out from our previous Distrita office where I had my Amiga 1200 up and running.

In this very first Amitopia Amiga Magazine review, I am looking at how Sony’s SRS-X33 Portable Audio Speaker system is doing compared to Music Angel Friends speaker. It is a bit bigger, got Bluetooth (unrelated to this review), and a better speaker all in all. This product feels better and here is my verdict of it.

Nice beats and sound in our Review of the Sony SRS-X33

I have now managed to make a┬áReview of the Sony SRS-X33, which is connected to my Amiga 1200 in the video below. The full name of the product is Sony’s SRS-X33 Portable Audio Speaker system. I connected it with a audio cable with minijack in one end and phono red and white connectors at the other end. You need this for any Amiga that is connected to this speaker from Sony. They are easy to find at your nearest electronic store.

As a total package, Sony delivers with this speaker product! You can use it with your Amiga or use the Bluetooth function outside with your phone. I am positively moved by this product. The sound is perfect. Sony delivers on the bass and sound quality really much.

All of the MODs, MP3s or any Amiga game that I turn on with this speaker connected got beats, got tones and it doesn’t sound cheap! The pricing is a bit higher but you get the quality that you pay for. The Music Angel Friends on my Amiga 1200 didn’t sound cheap, but it lacks the extra bass feeling like this one has. Taking this out to a park and listening to the music that I like is something I recommend fully.

Volume buttons that work

One of the reasons why Music Angel Friends failed a bit too short for me is that you can’t use their speaker with classic games on any Amiga, because the volume is always set to the max all the time. It’s not an issue if you use it with Hippo player or any program with a volume control. But on general games this is simply not possible, and that’s a bummer in my view.

However! With Sony’s SRS-X33 Portable Audio Speaker system this is possible as it is got its own volume buttons which are very nice to use too. The buttons responds quickly to your touches and are easy to press. So, this is something that I give this product a huge bonus plusplus verdict for. Well done Sony and makes this product a winner as a portable speaker that can be used with any Classic Amiga!

I really recommend anyone to get this for the Amiga. If the sunshine shines xtra. Take your Amiga 600 or Amiga 1200 out and give the neighbours a blast of real sound. With this product, you can and you don’t need huge speakers with your Amiga. Also perfect for being used at Amiga parties and meetings.

What sort of speakers do you use with your Amiga?