AmiSoft has just released yet another NetSurf update for AmigaOS 3.1 users with 68030 and FPU. This is a CSS-capable browser for Classic AmigaOS users, that seems to take over the web browser market for Classic Amiga owners.

Here are the NetSurf 3.6 important Notes

  • optimized dithering a bit (thanks Matthey)
  • optimized little to big-endian conversion
  • replaced buggy libiconv which disabled CSS on some sites
  • added low dithering quality option
  • fixed scale option bug
  • fixed favorite modify bug
  • youtube can be played as mp3 with preferred mp3 player in Prefs
  • updated libsdl to 1.2.15 with optimized parts from SDL 2.0.4
  • changed – download and play mp3 instead of stream
  • reduced binary size

Download NetSurf 3.6 for Classic Amiga with 68030 FPU or higher Here!

If you also want to check out NetSurf for RISC OS, Linux, Haiku BeOS, Atari and MacOSX, please check out