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This news item that I posted a few days ago is now getting attention on the OSNews website here. It is interesting that this interests the outside world for me.

MorphOS 3.15 ram-handler contains a bug that when unlucky may results in the RAM: root directory to appear to contain many duplicate entries. Multiple users had reported this over the years, but until recently the root cause of this issue had eluded us. Due to recent developments, the bug has finally been located and fixed (thanks to AngryTom for help!).

Fixed ram-handler will be released as the part of the future MorphOS 3.16 release. Meanwhile you can install the following patch that fixes the problem for MorphOS 3.15.

I know this isn’t a major new release or anything, but it’s rather rare and interesting to see a small, standalone update like this being release for a small, alternative operating system. Usually, these get rolled into major new releases or nightlies, so I found this interesting.

The reason for this is that MorphOS releases aren’t released that often. If more people joined and helped out. The fix would be implemented faster. I personally didn’t have the RAM issue. Maybe this goes for a configuration that I don’t use. It is better to fix this than to do nothing.

Now MorphOS Team knows the issue and I am sure that this will be fixed soon.