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MorphOS 3.15 ram-handler contains a bug that when unlucky may results in the RAM: root
directory to appear to contain many duplicate entries. Multiple users had reported this
over the years, but until recently the root cause of this issue had eluded us. Due to
recent developments, the bug has finally been located and fixed (thanks to AngryTom for help!).
Fixed ram-handler will be released as the part of the future MorphOS 3.16 release.
Meanwhile you can install the following patch that fixes the problem for MorphOS 3.15:
To install it, extract the archive and drag & drop “ramrootfix” to SYS:WBStartup.

ramrootfix readme

This is a nice fix that you should install if you use MorphOS 3.15.

MorphOS is a Nextgen Amiga compatible operating system. It runs on PowerPC at the moment. You can install it on several Nextgen Amiga computers such as AmigaONE X5000 and SAM460. MorphOS also runs on several PowerPC computers made by Apple. The development of this unique and astonishing survival OS is still going on and you can download it before purchasing to test it.

The developer of this fix is MorphOS Team, so it is very reliable to download and install. Do as the readme says and copy ramrootfix to the WBStartup folder in your SYS partition.