HippoPlayer Github

For those who know what MOD files are, HippoPlayer was and still is one of the best MOD players for AmigaOS. The player got many features such as playing music from archives, double click on files to play, 14-bit Paula tones, Scopes showing on the screen, and even Choose FAST RAM for PT replayer. The player can also play MP3 files if mpega.library is found. Otherwise, it supports various MOD formats, including correct Protracker MOD playing.

Released for Free onto Github

HippoPlayer used to be a Shareware program, but now it’s totally free. All of the source code and files can be found on Github, so now it is open for everyone to actually make a nice port of it for the nextgen AmigaOS systems? Who will be the first one to do this?

Check out the HippoPlayer Files on Github Here