The Amigascene never seems to amaze the world, but sometimes stories that comes to life hits you a lot. In this article we try to reveal the music that Digital Magic Software stole from Bjørn Lynne, an brilliant musician tracking some brilliant tunes on his Amiga back in the days. Escape from Colditz developers stole the music from Crusaders. Yes, they took it without asking and put it straight into a commercial made Amiga game.

Bjørn Lynne writes this on his Facebook page

Here’s a nice little article (in Swedish language) about the music I created for the game ”Escape from Colditz” in 1991. Well, technically I didn’t compose the music *for* the game. Actually I just composed the music just for the sake of making the music itself.

The company ”Digital Magic Software” stole the track from a Crusaders Amiga demo and put the music into their commercial game, without asking my permission, without paying me anything, and without even telling me about it.

Check out the Escape from Colditz

Digital Magic Software’s game Details
Escape from Colditz is a great Amiga game, that is based on a board game from Gibsons Games in 1973. The the music is made by Amiga musician Bjørn “Dr. Awesome “Lynne from the group of Crusaders. This track is stolen from Bjørn Lynne by Digital Magic Software. Without asking his permission, without paying him anything, and without even telling me about it must be a shock when Bjørn found out about this.

The board game Escape from Colditz is based on a true story of the British officer Pat Reid, who during World War II managed to escape from reality Schloss Colditz – a Renaissance castle near Leipzig in Germany that served as prison for prisoners of war.

In the board game played German guards of the players and the rest play a number of Allied prisoners to escape. The Amiga game however plays all of the German guards for you and your task is to get your four prisoners to escape, not unlike the C64 game The Great Escape – which of course in turn based on another true story of an escape from a German prison camp.

Norwegian Bjørn Lynne is today perhaps best known for having been involved on a corner and wrote music for the Swedish-British game developer Team17 – including behind Worms, Project X, Alien Breed and Super Frog.

For many others, however, he was an integral part of the Amiga demoscene, where he called himself Dr. Awesome and was part of the group Crusaders.

The Amiga game Escape from Colditz isn’t really fun or amazing in anyway, but the intro music is among the absolute best. This can remind of like Quik and Silva for Amiga, which is a game that Chris Hüelsbeck have created music for. I can just put the intro or main menu theme music on and just put it on repeat for a long time.