Amiten TV showing Canary Island Amiga love on Tenerife

Amiga fighters Johnny and me Michal in Los Gigantes at Tenerife, Spain

With our coverage of the Tenerife in Spain, we move over to Alcalá, where Amiten TV hosts its Amiga shows on YouTube Live for the Spanish Amiga users. Here I bring you my experience with meeting Johnny and how it is to be a Amiga fighter on Tenerife. An island near Africa, that belongs to Spain. Read on…

Amiga fighter Meeting another Amiga fighter
Johnny Acevedo is like my soul mate regarding Amiga. We share the same views and have several Amigas that works. We buy and expand our Amiga’s, and we try to educate and inform people that Amiga is actually still alive. We also try to support Amiga hardware and software developers the best way we can. Him in Spanish and me in English. We co-operate nicely and when we met for the first time, it was like I knew him all my life. A tru Amiga user by heart and it really shows from his warm hugs, smile and talks. Johnny is one I truelly respect as with any people supporting and believing in Amiga.

Amiten TV Office is bigger than it looks

A PC support store with lots of Amiga content and Development
As with Amitopia. He can’t live with just serving the Amiga community. Amitopia team makes Amitopia website for just Amiga news and Amitopia is the main one with lots of independent articles.

So, Johnny is serving the Tenerife island with his computing knowledge. There is a huge fact, that Amigans knows certainly more about a PC than a PC user itself in many cases. Though he or she can describe things in a much more human way, thus giving excellent service. And Johnny is no exception at all for sure.

Almost all of his Amigas are in the PC support store. So, anyone visiting him regarding Amiga will have a great time there. On the videos that Johnny makes, it seems like the studio is very tight and small, but there is lots of space infact. With several Amiga models on the shelfs and also other retro

HSC Informatica in Alcalá with excellent PC service on Tenerife. Its really not hard to miss if you go thru the city.

computers on display, he define himself as a Amiga collector and user but also loves others like Atari, Amstrad etc. Amazing person!

I will certainly come back. Amiten TV produces so much great productions and is also allowing Amitopia TV to broadcast Amiten TV content so that the world will know the Amigaworld even better. Amigans should co-operate all over the world and bring that visions and dreams to the next generation. We create and produce things because of love, not like a PC which is just a tool. There is something special, magic and passion related to Amiga users worldwide, that most of people don’t understand. People like Johnny Acevedo and me have passion for this computer, because it gives the world more flavours, more diversity and more visions. It is really great to see him doing this beside his bussines on this tropical island that is such a beauty for sure.

With Viva Amiga documentary now Released and shown to the world. There is bigger hope for us and thousands of other Amigafans to maybe see some others trying out our hardware, software and even get to know our magic and passioned community. I miss Tenerife already. I visited the island for only one week and met Johnny for only 3 hours, but as with any Amiga users. You feel like it is more than just computing. It is the vision and dream that pulls you into it. Viva to Amiten TV! and thanks for everything until next time!

Map of where to find Amiten TV Studio in Alcalá on Tenerife, Spain

More photos from the Amiga fighters Meeting on Tenerife


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