Amiga can’t play Doom! Amiga ain’t strong enough for FPS shooters! Amiga can’t handle textures on 3D walls! This is what Amiga users’s been told ever since Doom came out for the PC. However, these attacks didn’t stop Breathless and Alien Breed 3D to try.

The source code for Doom got released by ID Software and since then Doom has run on Amiga using various launchers such as ADoom and DoomAttack.

But most of the attempts to make a playable 3DFPS game on every Amiga with 68000 CPU and 1MB of RAM was just a dream for the most. Gloom is a fantastic 3D game with textures on the wall that plays well on OCS Amiga, but in 2×2 you don’t see much and the game is rather a Wolfenstein 3D clone because of no walking up and down. The screen you see in Gloom is smaller to keep the framerate playable on the basic Amiga configuration.

Amiga users had to wait until 1995 when Gloom Deluxe came out. Then you had 1×1 and full-screen options, but it also required a 68030 or higher to get that and a good framerate when playing. Dread is changing all of that. It puts Breathless and Alien Breed 3D to shame! What an achievement!

Get The Dread Doom Clone Demo

I must take off my hat, my ibrowses, and my hands because the very first Dread demo is now out!

This remarkable Dread project to make a Doom clone for OCS Amigas by KK/Altair is an amazing achievement. Also, he surprised a lot by showing and releasing an AtariST port of Dread that you can download here! This is the wildest, coolest, and most respectable project ever done. It’s putting all the negativity from PC users to shame! Finally…!

Dread on YouTube Episodes

Until today, KK/Altair has been making 8 Dread episodes on YouTube. But today on the 9th episode. He surprised the entire world of Amiga (and Atari) with his totally new demo release of Dread. The demo of the game can be download here.

This game also uses contributions from other people. Assets are done by John Tsakiris from PixelGlass (seen Time Gal for Amiga?), Dennis Ramberg from Pixel Shade, and DMA-SC which contributed with the AtariST music. I do mention the AtariST release here too because it was Amigas’ most important competitor.

Dread on the Amiga is such eye candy that is really impressive to show. No more words for now. Finally, I can say. Yes, Amiga can play Doom. Just look at Dread. I wish I could say that back when Doom got released for PC. But now it is here.

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