Moments of Amiga News

It is hard to get Warp accelerators for the Amiga due to the shortage of electronic parts. But that’s not only an Amiga issue as the latest news is that it is going to get even harder to get a new PS5 and Xbox Series X that you can play besides the Amiga usage.

The report Bloomberg refers to, written by the analysis company Susquehanna Financial Group, says that the delivery time (“lead time”) for important pieces and components increased by a full eight days in July alone, and is now around 20.2 weeks from order to delivery. This is for the producers themselves; The delivery time to consumers is even longer than this.

So if it takes longer than announced to get Amiga parts now for a time. You know that other companies that are way bigger struggle with this situation too. So, take out that Amiga in your roof or basement. It is time to get creative? Maybe do something innovative on the Amiga platform than waiting for PS5, Xbox Series, or even graphics cards for your PC. Maybe this is a time for improving what we really got. Because the Amiga community is an excellent example of what it’s possible to achieve from hardware that is really been optimized. The Amiga demoscene and software developers make a 68060 50MHz machine as fast as a 3GHz PC.

Just try MUImapparium which is an OpenStreetMap viewer. On my Amiga 1200 with 68060 and RTG. It flies as on my MorphOS machine or on my PC with a much faster CPU in them. AmigaOS is a gem when it comes to getting optimized to run on the hardware that is available for the system. A much faster way to check the streets in your town. Because Amiga makes it possible!