Finally a decent scrolling beatem up for Amiga Metro Siege

In the Amiga 500 days, I remember playing the Final Fight version for Amiga. I was quite impressed by the arcade transformation of that game. Then after long time of beatem up scrolling absence for me. I got to play The Strangers which was developed by Ablaze and released back in 1997! Many didn’t like the game, but I had lots of fun with it. Between 1996 and 1998, I made my very first Amiga magazine in paper (with Deluxe Paint!!!) named AmigaPosten. I renamed the magazine in 1998 to Amitopia. At the peak of the paper made magazine I managed to reach over 300 Subscribers which I dealed by myself.

So, Because of the success I had with the magazine in the start I also managed to get a nice deal with Vulcan Software to send the magazine new games for reviews and so the beatem up game The Strangers was one of them. A really nice AGA beatem up game but I remember the framedrops. Also the environment didn’t change much so it became a bit boring after a while. I really ended up missing a really nice beatem up game in Street Of Rage style or even a remake of Final Fight for the Amiga platform until now.

With this news. I can finally write about a genre that Amiga dosesn’t have any good reputation at. When Amiga is mentioned in gaming discussions on-line regarding this genre people laugh a lot and I can understand why. But with this awesome news. Something is changing a lot now in 2019! Finally… ! Together Bit Beam Cannon, Pixelglass (makers of Worthy and AlarCity for Amiga) and Enable Software decided to challenge the view of peoples minds about beatem up games for Amiga.

Metro Siege puts Amiga into the beatem up arcade style genre

Let’s move onto the topic of this article. Never before have I felt so happy after seen how Metro Siege plays and looks after the presentation on AmigaBill’s Stream. Especially when the makers revealed that this beatem up game will run on a stock Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM or more. That is incredible! The game will have upto 4 enemies on the screen at once, plus pickup boxes and  2 players at once at the same screen will be able fight together.

This will become a fantastic Amiga showcase and a party game when it is out!

This beatem up engine with parallax scrolling and beautiful art that Bit Beam Cannon have made looks fantastic. They really want to show what Amiga is really capable of doing and that really shows. Reshoot R is a arcade type of shooter that was released earlier this year which have shown how a arcade shooter should be on the Amiga.

Now the new Metro Siege game when it is released will become THE beatemup game for Amiga. It runs fine on AGA Amiga too as Amiga Bill’s Amiga 1200 played the game without issues at the stream that he had.

Amiga is way more capable than you think

I have always known that Amiga is way more capable than it seems. The only fighting game until today that have been the showcase for what Amiga beatem ups could look like is Elfmania which was developed by Terramarque in 1994. So to see that Bit Beam Cannon will set a new standard with their 25FPS silky smooth beatem up Metro Siege game on everyone with an Amiga with 1MB RAM or more. Is what the Amiga always needed.

Also everything that Bit Beam Cannon said during the AmigaBill’s stream is something that teached me a lot about the Amiga. I really find the Amiga Bill’s streams entertaining but also a place where I have gathered new and unknown knowledge about Amiga hardware. I am a generic Amiga user that promotes and writes about Amiga. I like to learn and understand new things about it everyday. Because not everything is revealed yet.

The Amiga future is Looking Awesome!…


Watch the AmigaBill’s Metro Siege Stream here


Source: Amiga Bill’s Stream