Alex Kidd for Amiga Released at Kiwi Jam 2019

There is a name that people should start to know and that is Erik Hogan. A fantastic person from New Zealand that evolves his Classic Amiga connection with the rest of the world by releasing interesting games for the platform. Alex Kidd now runs on a basic Amiga 500 ThisContinue Reading

We have gathered Amiga Productions from Revision 2019

Yet another amazing Revision party is over. With it, tons of Amiga Demoscene demo and even a 3D FPS game preview released. Revision 2019 productions are out for you to watch and the Cyberwolf is out for you to download and try here. It requires an Amiga 500. The gameContinue Reading

Review of AppLauncher for MorphOS A New desktop Tool for the Screenbar

One of the best nextgen AmigaOS compatible operating systems is MorphOS. A neat little operating system that aims at bringing the best from AmigaOS and this new app introduce new 3rd party functions from a developer that cares about how you use MorphOS. You can download AppLauncher for MorphOS forContinue Reading

Love to dig? Love digger? But also love flying vehicles like in SpaceTaxi? Then this new Amiga mining game AMIner might be the game that you are looking for. It was released at RetroKomp 2018, which is a computer party that was held between 13th and 14th of October 2018Continue Reading