It is not often to see demosceners taking the HAM turn. But these coders did and they won!

HAMazing shows beautiful and colorful visuals with HAM on a plain Amiga 500, with great tracks to love. The beats and feel is just there to the point. Amazing production!

The HAM kaleidoscope that they use blows away many high-end AGA productions easily. Platon42 is a coding GENIUS on Amiga. This is a high-end production demo for sure.

Why don’t more OCS coders create more HAM demos? …

1st Place at 68k Inside 2023

Competing against 4 other productions. This one won at the 68k Inside 2023 demoscene party in Aulangon Suuri Huvila, Hämeenlinna, Finland.

The winner, HAMazing grows on you each time you watch it. A fantastic demo that finally uses HAM! Much more of this, please.

Read more about the demo on the demoscene website.

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