There are several games for Amiga with 3D textures and mazes that works fine on Amiga computers with 68030 50MHz or higher. Including Wolfenstein 3D port like AmiWolf. To get the great performance, we at Amitopia Amiga Magazine recommends everyone to run 3D FPS games on Amiga with 68040, 68060 or even for the very best FPS feel.

But for the very best performance on the Amiga, we recommend you to get a 68080 which is also a nice upgrade to have for your classic Amiga.

A 68030 equipped Amiga is Faster than you think

Some of the Amiga 3D FPS games such as Alien Breed 3D, Fears, Gloom Deluxe, Behind The Iron Gate, Genetic Species and also Xtreme Racing runs well on 68030+.

Some of the more advanced Amiga 3D FPS games runs pretty well on 68030 in 2×2 pixel mode which is a bit low. Game titles such as Alien Breed 3D and Fears are the worst in visual quality but they do run at a decent framerate on 68030. But Alien Breed 3D is much more like Doom than Wolfenstein 3D.

The 3D FPS levels in Alien Breed 3D got different heights, transparent water, and even advanced monsters such as the red devil dogs. Alien Breed 3D II The Killing Grounds added 1×1 mode, but that engine requires a lot. A Vampire 68080 card is needed to get the speeds that it should have.

Gloom Deluxe is, however, a much simpler 3D FPS game. Gloom actually runs super smooth on 68030 in 1×1 mode. The game is also much more alike Wolfenstein 3D than Doom despite its similar name. So if you are a PC user and wants to attack with saying right stuff. Alien Breed 3D is much closer to Doom than Gloom is. Also if you do have a 68060 or even 68080 accelerator card. You will be getting FPS as seen in the video above.

AmiWolf brings Wolfenstein 3D to Your AmigaPlay Wolfenstein 3D on Your Amiga

Now there is a totally new Amiga port of Wolfenstein 3D by NovaCoder. You will need to have the original data files from the PC version. Either the full version or the Shareware Version of Wolfenstein 3D files is needed.

Requirements for playing Wolfenstein 3D and kill some evil humans on Amiga, you need an Amiga with AGA chipset. Both PAL or NTSC is supported. Then it is wise to have a fast 68030 or higher. 8MB of RAM is also the demand, but most of the accelerated Amiga’s got more than 16MB. So, the specs shouldn’t be an issue that much.

AmiWolf executable that you find on Aminet now supports  256 colors double buffered 320×200 graphics. The author says that the game plays best in NTSC mode. There is a digital SFX mixer, MIDI music emulation and even Auto strafe support built-in into this port for Amiga.

Thanks to NovaCoder for this awesome port for Amiga. The port is free and you get it on Aminet. There is also an ECS version of AmiWolf on Aminet and an AmiWolf RTG version is under development which mr Cotter demonstrated in the video above.

Get AmiWolf on Aminet here


Source: Aminet