Thanks to Amiga Mania Magazine, we now have a nice event to share with our readers at Amitopia Amiga Magazines. In Budapest between 6th and 7th of April. ReGameX will be held in Hungary’s capital. So, be ready for getting the full Retro experience. This is an event for machines that were made before Facebook and Snapchat times.

Lot’s of Retro consoles including Amiga machines at ReGameX

The event is held here
Csokonai M?vel?dési Ház
Eötvös utca 64-66., Rákospalota, Budapest, Hungary, 1153

So, if you have spare time when you are in Budapest at that time in April. Visit the event! It will be the event in Budapest, Hungary. You simply don’t have any time to lose. Visit it if you have time.

It is nice for Amiga people to visit and check out events around the globe. We at Amitopia Amiga Magazine wants to cover all. Because this is what makes the Amiga community great. Their ability to gather lots of Amigans at one place. It is social to bring your Amiga to an event where you can talk and share Amiga info with others.

Also including getting to know Amiga people. You also get to know Budapest!!! Which is a very beautiful city that you should visit. Also, the pricing in this city is really not too bad neither.  There is also a very good public transportation system in the town. So any Amiga user shouldn’t have got any problems finding the event at all.

You can bring with you your Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, Amiga 600, Amiga CDTV etc.. Also at this event you can bring with you other Commodore machines from the era before Amiga times also and Ataris to annoy Amiga users 😀 bring some nice smiles, candies, and fun to the event. You deserve it.


Source: Amiga Mania Magazine