At Amiga 34 I bumped into Timothy from Hyperion many times as Hyperion had a stand where they showed the latest Classic OS for Amiga, the AmigaOS 3.2! In the upcoming weeks, Amitopia will bring you some of the features that you can expect to see in it.

The Shell is the heart of every AmigaOS

One of the greatest functions in the MorphOS Shell is having autocompletion by default in its Shell. And their Shell is heavily based on the AmigaOS one is the autocomplete function that makes it easier to navigate through the system using the text commands. With the autocompleted function you can write and complete paths by clicking the tab button. When running Shell apps this function is really handy to have.

This autocompleted function works on today’s Classic AmigaOS systems with tools such as KingCon. The Shell (or CLI for many Amiga users) is the main text command line function of AmigaOS.

Including having an autocompleted function. They are adding a new shell command named “history” which is a command that lists the contents of the Shell history with the help of the cursor keys.

Error handling has been improved

Early Startup or boot menu now got 2 new checkmark options that reflect on the behavior of the shell. It will make advanced options much more simple to use.

The developers have also added a && operator function into AmigaOS 3.2 that executes the first command, and if this fails, it aborts. If not, it executes the second command. Great new functionality for the ones that like to use the Shell for sure.

Also, they have added stderr function. This function will redirect error streams when using the shell, Hyperion mentioned for us at the event. But there is even more!… Now you will have a way to debug commands being executed from the shell by using the serial port also.

It seems like AmigaOS 3.2 release that is under development didn’t get so much attention at the event. But we at Amitopia Amiga Magazine will focus on giving you news and updates regarding it.


Source: Hyperion at Amiga 34 Event