The smallest Amiga ever created is Amiga 600 by Commodore. It is A1200 older sister sort of. It is almost an Amiga laptop, but it isn’t. Now a Polish person in the Amiga scene over there is creating power for her so it seems like she can be able to kick much more very soon.

This is an awesome video by Damian ┼╗arnecki which demonstrates the very first Amiga 600 with 68060! he writes.

Why shouldn’t the tiniest Amiga ever created by Commodore, Amiga 600 be able to join the 68060 party? This video configuration says that the accelerator made for it is named A630 + TK060 50MHz. The video above also shows the card in its beauty, AmigaOS working with it and also a speed test.

68060 is the fastest physical CPU for Classic Amiga. Also available for Amiga 600 is the Vampire V2 accelerator with an FPGA 68080 core in it.

With an 68060 installed your Amiga 600 can play MP3s in 14-bit quality, play 3D FPS games and also do more stuff in apps such as DigiBooster PRO.

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Source: Damian ┼╗arnecki on YouTube