If you want to. You can test the Experimental version of AmiFox for 68000 Amiga home computers.

We want Amiga users of 68000 that are connected to the net.

You will need the 68000 versions of JPEG, PNG, or GIF datatypes. MUI 3.8+, 8MB RAM, and some Hard Drive space are recommended. I’ve got Amiga CDTV and Amiga 600 owners asking about AmiFox support for their systems. The Experimental version is out. So, do join us and help us if you want the 68000 version to be developed further.

Including basic 68000 Amigas, there is a 68HC000 40MHz accelerator for Amiga 500 that AmiFox would run nicely on. Just don’t expect many colors and speed can’t be compared to 68030+ Amigas.