The most advanced web browser for Amiga, Wayfarer is yet again in the spotlight. Now, version 3.7 is out with rewrites and fixes to the WebKit browser.

Wayfarer requires MorphOS 3.16 and at least 1GB of RAM. A 1.5GHz or faster CPU with Altivec is highly recommended. I also highly recommend you to get MorphOS 3.17 which is out now.

Many improvements to this AmigaOS compatible operating system came with their latest release that works on almost any PowerPC Mac model. MorphOS should have become the official Nextgen AmigaOS in my view. It is so steady, cool and is so configurable because of Ambient and its own version of MUI. I just love MorphOS!

Including Wayfarer 3.7, I also recommend getting the latest OpenSSL fix that you can download here. This is a hotfix for now.

Wayfarer 3.7 is Out with These Rewrites and Fixes

  • Rewritten MediaSource player state machines to improve seeking, end-of-stream handling
  • Fixed a bug that caused a/v decoders to keep increasing the read-ahead decoded frame buffers infinitely (causing out-of-memory sooner or later during playback)
  • Fixed a memory leak in a/v de-multiplexer
  • Refactored the HLS player to enable seeking in terminated playlists
  • Reduced the memory footprint of MediaSource playback
  • Fixed video position reporting for MediaStreams w/o an audio track
  • Rewritten the right mouse button handling
  • Improved the media popup, added stream information
  • Fixed input handling in fullscreen mode
  • Updated OpenJPEG

It is impressive to see what Jacek ‘jacadcaps’ Piszczek is able to do with the browser. I am following it tight as I am using it daily for posting on Amitopia and Distrita.

Sometimes, the environment in MorphOS is just too good, and when making grabs of AmigaOS applications.

MorphOS does a fantastic job at creating the Amiga feeling on more modern hardware by Apple, A-EON, and ACube.

By rewriting, the YouTube watching in the latest Wayfarer should be much better. A 1.5GHz PowerPC is recommended though.

Download Latest Wayfarer

Either you can update from the browser itself. Or you can download it yourself here.