New version of Wayfarer gives much better video support to MorphOS owners. You need to set Wayfarer to Safari/iOS mode for it to work. You can have several preferences for each site you use.

Improved YouTube Stream Watching

  • Fixed to update page’s url when traversing history
  • Updated ffmpeg to 4.4
  • Improved player’s handling of bogus stream data
  • Partially mitigated a player memory leak

It’s a milestone. In the previous 1.17, it was possible but now the bugs are ironed out. Wayfarer doesn’t change the preferences anymore when reloading anymore too. Great improvements. This is a version that I will remember!

Not only does this look cool, but it transforms an iBook G4 for something great. Wayfarer makes it a valid reason for using MorphOS on the PowerPC platform. Wayfarer is a new WebKit browser for MorphOS with features such as:

  • Mid-2020 WebKit supports most modern websites
  • WebCrypto for WhatsApp web interface support
  • Encryption of passwords via cryptostorage.library
  • Support for custom / self-signed server certificates
  • WebAudio and audio playback including HLS
  • Video playback including MediaSource support
  • Download and Bookmarks managers
  • Built-in AdBlock Plus files support
  • Written in ObjectiveC