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Amiga got Paula sound chip which is a fantastic 14-bit soundcard. But what if you want to upgrade the Amiga sound to be fully 16-bit or that you want to make multiple channel mods? Then you need a 16-bit card. Also, many soundcards for Amiga also got a DSP that can be used for playing MP3s on Classic Amiga machines with 68030 or 68040.

The Mediator AHI driver for all MediatorPCI models for Classic Amiga supports Sound Blaster 128 sound cards.

Sound Blaster 128 PCI soundcards works in Classic and Nextgen Amiga

Also worth knowing that including Classic Amiga owners with MediatorPCI solution installed. Also, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS compatible hardware such as the Pegasos II motherboards supports SoundBlaster cards. It is done thanks to the AHI sound driver system for Amiga. With it, you can add various soundcards for your Amiga.

Here is a list of SoundBlaster PCI cards working with MediatorPCI

Chipset nameVendor ID, Product IDRevision
[1274, 5880]
[1274, 5880]
[1274, 5880]
[1274, 5880]
[1274, 1371]
[1274, 1371]
[1274, 1371]
[1274, 5000]
[1102, 8938]
VendorSound Card ModelNotes
Creative Technology Ltd.Sound Blaster 4.1 Digitaltested
Creative Technology Ltd.Sound Blaster PCI128 CT5880tested
Creative Technology Ltd.Sound Blaster PCI128 CT5808tested
Creative Technology Ltd.Sound Blaster PCI128 CT5507tested
Creative Technology Ltd.Sound Blaster PCI128 CT4810tested
Creative Technology Ltd.Sound Blaster PCI128 CT4750tested

You can get the drivers here. Also there are support for mixers such as EMU10K1 (Sound Blaster Live!) and EMU10K2 (SB Audigy). For MorphOS users the Sound Blaster PCI drivers are already there. You can order it from here.

I used Sound Blaster 128 long time in my Amiga 4000 that I moved over to my Pegasos II machine. Worked really great. Playing MYST which uses AHI through the Sound Blaster 128 was awesome. There are also other types of soundcards for PCI, Zorro, and the Clockport for Classic Amiga. Getting a PCI solution gives Amiga cheaper upgrades that can be used. See the entire list here.

What sort of soundcard do you use with your Amiga?