Vampire V4 Standalone Amiga Compatible Computer Launch at Amiga34

With a new Amiga compatible product. New questions arrive that were never asked for a very long time. Out of sudden, the Amigans can be proud to have a New Amiga compatible computer that will be launched at Amiga34 in Neuss, Germany. These warranty terms are also for the Vampire V2 series including Vampire V4 Standalone.

Vampire V4 Standalone is a solid Amiga compatible computer

On Apollo Team’s wiki page, you can read about that all of the Vampire products from Apollo Team are tested fully to ensure quality and reliability before selling them at the Amiga34 event. Later they will be shipped to lot’s of customers and they will get a solid Amiga compatible product. This is how it should be done.

However, as with any hardware that is produced today, there will always be certain cases when the products from Apollo Team will have issues. This can be bad transportation method to you as a customer leading to damage to the product before opening it or something unexpected happens. Also when the user gets the Vampire V4 Standalone or any other Vampire product the person that bought it expects it to work. It is important to find out the reason for any malfunction that might happen if it happened fast.

Follow the instructions that come with the product

Many Amigans don’t bother to read the instructions as many likes the try out method instead of following the instructions method. However, we do recommend to read the instructions for this new Amiga compatible computer. It is very wise to do so. Also if you are coming to the big Amiga34 event and plan to buy it there. Do ask the Apollo Team about anything before and after you have bought it.

Once you get home and plug in everything you think is right. Make sure to check that everything is connected as it should so that before you send a warranty claim, please make sure that you have properly connected your Vampire product according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Apollo Team also suggests that you first consult the retailer where you will buy your Vampire product from and also do check out the official FAQ wiki page for possible technical assistance before going further. You should also be able to have a steady and good communication with the Amiga store where you bought the product at also.

The constructor warranty period starts on the Date of Purchase and its length is 6 months. A legal warranty of 2 years is offered by its authorized seller as asked by EU laws. For a complete Vampire warranty knowledge, check out the Apollo Accelerators wiki page explaining everything there.