There are tons of Amiga Demoscene productions out there that deserve attention. Tint by The Black Lotus is one of the Top 5 most important Amiga Demoscene productions that won everyone’s hearts at The Gathering 1996 in Hamar, Norway.

This is a truly remarkable gem. The Tint demoscene production for 68030 AGA Amiga’s is officially ranked 1st by Amitopia. It is by far the best Amiga Demoscene production of all time that never left the mind of Amigans since its release. It is a true AGA demoscene production that needs a 68030 to work as it should. You can make it run on 68040 or higher, but it’s not the same.

The conclusion to this rank is that this demoscene production is still as valid today as it was when thousands at The Gathering 1996 jaw dropped when the demo was shown. The demo ranked 1st and stayed with my heart ever since.

Tint won in 1996 because of its creativity. The composition of 3D graphics, art, and a variety of music choices is the most beautiful creation in the history of Amiga demoscene. Tint also proved as the first demoscene production of how amazing the Paula sound chip is. It proved that a 68030 AGA Amiga got lots of power too.

There are tons of other remarkable Amiga demoscene productions made too in these categories, but Tint stands out in the form that it is really made as a high-end music video type of style demoscene production. All parts of the demo are outstanding.

The Best Ranked Top 5 Demoscene of all time for Amiga by Amitopia

  1. The Black Lotus with Tint – The Gathering 1996
    (Makes you blown away for decades of time. A true creation showing that Amiga is the best computer to use!)
  2. Ghostown and Loonies with Smoke & Mirrors – Revision 2013
    (Most story-driven Amiga demo ever in such detail it’s beyond a remarkable masterpiece!)
  3. Mellow Chips & TRSI with Rise – The Gathering 1998
    (This is One of the best demos of all time, the temple scene takes some beating! Tomb Raider is possible on the Amiga)
  4. Ghostown with Sushi Boys – Revision 2015
    (You can’t stop dancing to this masterpiece. Once flushed you get hooked!)
  5. Lemon-Point with Rink a Dink redux – Revision 2013
    (When you hear that this is Paula! You understand that Amiga is the Best Computer ever to be made!)

Tint made a huge impact on me. TBL Tint was the true rebirth of Amiga when it came out in 1996 for me. It showed what the Amiga is capable of if the will is there. So, I never gave up the hope of supporting the Amiga.

All of the other Amiga demoscene productions on the list are important too and Way more too. But these are the top 5 that impressed Amitopia Amiga Magazine most of all. So, you need to understand how big important the Amiga Demoscene has been for the survival of the platform.

Thanks to All for creating amazing things for the Amiga platform. All love goes to all of you.

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