This list includes the Top 5 ranked Amiga Demoscene productions.

All of the Amiga Demoscene productions listed on this page are the Top 5 Amiga Demoscene productions that made the deepest impact on Amiga of all time. Amitopia Amiga Magazine has discussed this and asked various people to conclude this list with Michal’s passion for the Amiga home computer.

No other Amiga demoscene productions are seen as higher as these ones listed by Amitopia Amiga Magazine.

#1 – The Black Lotus with Tint – The Gathering 1996

Makes you blown away for decades of time. A true creation showing that Amiga is the best computer to use! This production Ranked 1st at The Gathering 1996. The moment never goes away as it was a testament showing by TBL what the 68030 can do. This demo boosted the Amiga interest two years after the demise of Commodore. It was sort of when the rebirth of Amiga started. Thanks so much to TBL for this stunning production. Tint never gets old.

#2 – Ghostown and Loonies with Smoke & Mirrors – Revision 2013

Most story-driven Amiga demo ever in such detail it’s beyond a remarkable masterpiece! There are many story-driven demoscene productions for the Amiga. Relic is one of the most known, but it was knocked down by this release. What a fantastic demo this is showing how amazing and creative the Amiga demoscene is. It is a huge testament to what sort of creativity the Amiga demoscene is able to create. This demo is epic. No more comments are needed!

#3 – Mellow Chips & TRSI with Rise – The Gathering 1998

This is One of the best demos of all time, the temple scene takes some beating! Tomb Raider is possible on the Amiga. After the amazing Tint show in 1996, this one showed up in 1998. At a time when the Amiga interest was at its lowest in history. But TBL broke all chains in everyone’s minds with this production. It proved what the Amiga is capable of doing. The demo is also a testament to the 3D demoscene’s creativity. Everything in this demoscene production is perfect.

#4 – Ghostown with Sushi Boys – Revision 2015

You can’t stop dancing to this masterpiece. Once flushed you get hooked! Amiga is always all about creativity and this production is no exception. It is a funny one that simply takes the breath out. It makes sure that the demoscene is not all about 3D rotating cubes and trance music as most of the PC demoscene productions are. This demoscene production makes every Amigan proud of owning the best home computer ever made. I can’t stop to watch it. This production will live forever.

#5 – Lemon-Point with Rink a Dink redux – Revision 2013

When you hear that this is Paula! You understand that Amiga is the Best Computer ever to be made! This demo proves that any Amiga is capable of delivering stunning sound. It’s art but also a beautiful demonstration of Paula’s impressive sound. Especially the entire beat going wilder and wilder during the entire production with the ending part being outstanding in the same way as Tint by TBL. This demo is a true masterpiece and the fact that it runs on a 68000 Amiga is just a wicked bonus!

This list is done by Amitopia Amiga Magazine freelancer staff, sponsors and Michal. All of us have various opinions about the Amiga Demoscene and that’s the beauty of the Amiga. Your comments are as valid as this list made by Michal. These Amiga Demoscene productions are what made Amiga the computer platform that made the Amiga interest shine and the reason for Amitopia to provide Amiga content today. The amazing Amiga community is what drives Amitopia Amiga Magazine forward.

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