It is sad when Amiga sites such as never mention or gives credit to Amitopia or my name when posting news about AmiTube on their site.

When reading their Amiga News about AmiTube it looks like I have never had anything to do with the project. Without my idea, AmiTube would never have happened. It is been sitting on my desk ideas since YouTube was born. I’ve always loved the CDXL video format and with Marcus helping it became a reality!

On the alb42s page, it is easy to read about who got the idea and who made it happen. If only one AmiTube post on their site mentioned Amitopia or my name. I would be happier, but it is total ignorance. Both the German and English versions of the site never mention Amitopia which is really sad.

Amitopia Ignored by Amiga News

I feel as if Amitopia Amiga Magazine is ignored by I always credit everyone in a project when I write news about them. I even add relative links about the author or authors even.

Maybe because I follow the way the Amiga demoscene credits each other? Is that wrong? I think that the Amiga community needs to get all its love from all various sources which also include the Amiga magazines online.

Amitopia is providing Amiga content in the same way as and respect and crediting who is doing what of the entire project developments should always be high. It’s really sad that I have to write a news item about this to make which is such a good Amiga News site to know? The Amiga community needs every credit it can get that is correct in my view.

Lost the Respect

I’ve lost all respect for! It is a site that I’ve always loved. I read it daily. I think it is a fantastic HTML Amiga news service. But this ignorant behavior is really sad. Because YouTube on Amiga has been my idea for such a long time. It is devastating to not get credits for what you have always burned for.

It’s really not hard to read about who is behind the project on the alb42s page and in the about menu too of AmiTube as you can see in the image above. makes it look as if it is the only one behind AmiTube

In their news, it looks as if it’s only Marcus that is behind the project when in fact I posted the idea here first back in early 2022.

Yes, he is the absolute mastermind behind creating and coding the application but AmiTube has always been my idea since YouTube was released.

I posted the first info about the project on the Classic Amiga Software group on Facebook at the beginning of 2022 when I personally contacted Marcus about it. The idea was to donate but he refused to get paid and so the money is still kept for future projects with him or anyone else. I am really happy that the project is progressing and I hope more can credit Amitopia for more interesting Amiga projects in the future.

Amitopia Amiga Magazine got some really huge news coming soon. I am working a lot behind the scene here and hope all Amigans will yet again have a blast.

Much Love and,..,.. Crediting projects the correct way is Important!

The original idea for the AmiTube program is by Michal Bergseth who wanted a YouTube client for Amiga because of his love for the CDXL video format.
Read all about it in a dedicated article on Amitopia explaining all about what AmiTube is about and Download the program from the AmiTube page on its page here.
Marcus aka alb42 is the brilliant coder behind the project. Visit the Discord AmiTube room here. Suggested programs to be used together
with AmiTube is AGABlaster for CDXL clips and RiVA for MPEG clips.

AmiTube is the first YouTube client for Classic and Nextgen Amiga