Ars Technica article about X5000

In the last days, both Ars Technica and Hot Hardware managed to poste quite positive news about AmigaOne X5000 and A1222 Tabor nextgen PowerPC Amigas from A-EON. However! Things seems to be a bit too dramatic. Amiga On The Lake out of sudden ceased all AmigaOne X5000 and A1222 TaborContinue Reading

On Saturday 28th of January, my Amiga friend at Tenerife did a quite interesting interview with Trevor Dickinson, the CEO of A-EON. He promised to me more quality interviews on Amiten TV and wow, what a pleasant suprice! A-EON is the company that have brought to you two new PowerPCContinue Reading

AmigaONE X5000, AmigaOne future, Nextgen Amiga, AmigaOS4 Hyperion Issues

A new PowerPC based Amiga is now getting launched as AmigaOne X5000. The price is tough, but for every hardcore Amigafan, X5000 is the next thing. X1000 was such success that A-EON now have provided the next AmigaOne version called X5000. From Trevor Dickinson’s blog: Close encounters of the X5000Continue Reading