SysInfo is one of the most loved benchmark tool applications made for the Amiga. On almost every Amiga event or party. SysInfo is used to check the performances of the Amiga computers. It is a nice program that can either run from a floppy or from a hard drive directly.

This benchmark tool is used by many Amiga users at various meetings. It is used for getting information about the Classic Amiga system like OS and library versions, hardware revisions, and stuff.

I have seen SysInfo being used by the leading Classic Amiga supporters such as Warp Team at CS LABS, and Apollo Team. SysInfo was also used a lot at the Amiga34 meeting in Neuss, Germany. For many PC and Mac users, it might be quite odd to see people get big eyes of performance differences between 14MHz and 75MHz. But that’s how we do it in the Amiga world!

A whopping 19 Years of Silence

The very first version of SysInfo came out back in 2012 after 19 years of silence. Tobias ‘Geijer’ Geijersson is now the maintainer of the program as Nic Wilson gave him permission to do so.

Since 2012, Tobias has released 3 updates after that year. All of them with the latest one released on the 11th of November 2020, which makes 2020 a much better year for sure for Amiga users. Tobias got the energy to update this benchmark tool that is loved so much by Amiga users all over the world.

Important SysInfo 4.4 (11-Nov-20)

  • Changed handling of speed numbers, if big, don’t print decimals
  • Replaced “Chip Speed vs A600” algorithm to use a lot fewer instructions and a lot more CHIP mem accesses resulting in a more relevant value. This results in a significantly lower value for machines with an instruction cache (68020+), which is more accurate because the instruction cache should not affect CHIPMEM access speed.
  • Added support for AC68080 frequency support
  • The update will no longer try to open 68040/68060.library when there is no such CPU
  • Bugfix: 68040/68060 non-FPU guru fixed, again!
  • Lots of updates/corrections in the documentation.
  • Lots of code cleanup

It is great to see SysInfo getting updates. Tobias is making sure that the Vampire 68080 accelerators are getting support too which is great. CS LABS is also providing Warp cards with 100MHz 68060’s too. So good times for Classic Amiga benchmark lovers out there.

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