If you want to create Amiga games without knowing how to code. Then you should check out this news. Now the latest -=REDPILL=- version is out. It allows you to create games on the Amiga without knowing how to code!

-In settings screen now you can select if you want to use a custom screen or
the workbench for file requesters.
-Added action Repeat Every to execute actions every certain time.
-In Animation screen the animation number can be selected using an input
-In Animation screen you can modify the frame offset using the cursor keys.
-In Objects screen, Display Offset X and Y can be set using an input field.
-Bigger limit for sprite size when using the Auto Slice option.
-Extra checks and optimization for Auto Slice option.

A hard drive and more than 3MB of RAM is recommended. However, I recommend having an Amiga system with at least 32MB RAM or more for more enjoyment.