Strife is Finally out for AmigaOS

When Doom came out back in the days it was a huge hit. To kill monsters with weapons and a chainsaw even was a very satisfying thing to do for many. At the same time, no one would think of Amiga home computers as Doom FPS capable machines. But as we know today they were all wrong!

Strife is Finally out for AmigaOS

Amiga only 3D FPS games pushed the platform

Before the appearance of the Amiga Doom ports because of ID Software open sourcing it back in 1996. The Amiga platform had to rely on game developers making their own 3D engines for the platform. They were quite successfull on the platform. But they aren’t that known outside of Amigaworld.

Amiga 3D FPS game titles such as Alien Breed 3D, Breathless, Nemac IV, Trapped and Gloom is just some of the early Amiga only 3D FPS games. They were all very known Amiga 3D FPS shooters for the platform that were only released for Amiga. Some of these 3D FPS games should get a nextgen version as they are pair with Doom in quality. Some even got much better quality also.

Strife is Finally out for AmigaOSStrife for AmigaOS running on RTG or AGA

In 1997, Strife was released for the PC platform. But the developers never released it for Amiga.

Back in 2014, there was a port of Strife that was released for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. But nothing for AmigaOS. Chocolate Doom which can play Strife was out for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS but not the game itself.

So now in 2019, Strife (which is using Doom engine) is finally out for Amiga home computers with 68060 or higher. You can make it run on 68030, but then it is recommended to have a graphics card such as Picasso II or higher.

Lantus has released both an Amiga AGA version of Strife and an Amiga RTG version of Strife. The RTG version should work without issues on Vampirized Amigas such as Amiga 500 or Amiga 600.

It is nice to see that Lantus360 have ported Strife to Amiga. It isn’t bug-free and doesn’t expect it to be that yet either as this is an early release. However! It is nice to see NovaCoder etc helping him out. So, for those loving Strife. This is good news for you. Strife is finally for AmigaOS. But remember! You need to get the PC files… !


Download Strife for Amiga AGA here

Download Strife for Amiga RTG here


Source: Aminet