“Souverän Soccer” is Dän Bänän‘s Super Formation Soccer (SNES) alike game for all Amiga users with an unaccelerated stock machine with AGA chipset. This means that it is under development for Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 and also for Amiga CD32.

Some nice clouds are under development. The engine itself looks smooth as you can see above. It is interesting to see a new soccer game in the making for Amiga. Not just beat’em up, shooters and platformer genres are hot. It is a fantastic scene we have and Dän is no exception to this.

Copperlist size is now 50.616 bytes, ChipRAM usage 362.680 bytes, 50Hz, full low-res PAL view, more than 500 colors visible at once.


I am looking forward to test this too. 3D soccer game in SNES style for Amiga is just awesome. Also, this game looks fun too! The name of the game is Souverän Soccer which is in Swedish. Awesome to see the progress of it and I hope to have a first look of it.