A new version of AmigaAMP is just out. The new 3.29 version now includes the support for modplug.library to play MOD, S3M, etc. with the Classic Amiga version of the application that is made for 68k/OS3.9.

Find-Function in playlist

Beside the MOD support. AmigaAMP 3.29 also got a nice new find-function in the playlist. Handy if you have many songs listed in it. Also other new features added:

  • EQF (Equalizer preset file) support
  • Added EQUALIZER ToolType to load a specific setting at startup
  • An added choice between skin font and system font for track info display (still experimental)
  • Added Opus codec support for Ogg files
  • Tries to read cover.jpg from a folder of an audio file if no embedded cover picture could be found
  • Gapless playback

Including new features there are fixes to MPEG 2 layer 3 songs. Leaks are found and corrected too. A great new update of a music player that is still getting updates. Very nice and he have kept both Classic Amiga and the AmigaOS 4.x version on pair which is great.

AmigaAMP is still doing great on the Amiga platform.