If there is one pixel-pushing paint package that was a pioneer in game-changer on how to make graphics for games. Then Deluxe Paint is what comes to mind!

Pretty much every Amiga game ever? Deluxe Paint. Monkey Island? Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis? Deluxe Paint, of course. Doom? Yup, Deluxe Paint. Quake? Yes, even that in some capacity, according to John Carmack. DPaint was the industry standard for pixel graphics creation well into the early days of the Sony Playstation.

You may not, like me, have spent hours and hours of your limitless childhood time in Deluxe Paint. Yet, if you’re an old-school DOS, Amiga, or even console gamer, it will have helped create some of your fondest gaming memories – even if you’ve never reflected upon it.

So, Deluxe Paint is bigger than what you think. Read this in-depth Deluxe Paint article on datagubbe.se. Carl Svensson’s latest blog entry is a worthy read if you want to know even more about how it did the Pixel Pushing revolution.