Which program is Amitopia AmiDev Team responsible for in the alb42’s list? Here is the official list:

AmiDream – This is our Ai image creation application. It does Text to Image AI and sends the result back to the Amiga. A very handy application if you want a wicked background for your AmigaOS desktop.

AmiFox – A WRP web browser for your Amiga. It is not your ordinary web browser, but rather a tool that is very good to be used together with Aweb or IBrowse on Amiga’s with slower CPUs. On 68060 or higher, AmiFox can be used as a modern web browser as the speed is quite similar to the Chromium browser helping you on the WRP Server.

AmiTranslate – Most Classic Amiga computers can’t reach Google Translate or other Translate services online. So, here is our application that Translate text with DeepL! It is a perfect tool for translating words.

AmiTube – Welcome to the most remarkable YouTube client for Classic Amiga! Watch YouTube clips on any Amiga with 68000, 8MB RAM, and some Hard Drive space. You also need a CDXL player such as AGABlaster or RiVA player for MPEG1 clips.

Our goal is to create applications that extend the use of AmigaOS for you. If only some percent of you use our software, we are happy to develop and improve them. Also, if you want to see one of our members demonstrating our applications for you. Then supporting us by donating is a great solution.