The Amiga history is a turbulent one. But very few have taken the interest in making a documentary about it. Well, it is. But is it any good and is it worthy to buy? Here is my verdict of Viva Amiga documentary.

Now, Viva Amiga has been out for some time for everyone. Did it get the effect that many Amigans wanted on the PC and Mac users? Have they understood Amigans more after this? Viva Amiga is a documentary giving Amiga users one less reason to fight for their interest online was my thought when it was released. Viva Amiga is showing exactly what the Amiga community wanted it to show, but the way it is told is for me not what I expected.

The documentary got lots of great interviews, but there is something about the editing between those interviews. I wish that it was made in a better way. I wish that it was made in the way that the trailer was made, because when the trailer is actually better than the documentary itself. If Viva Amiga kept the interviews only,… Viva Amiga would be fantastic! The overall production is great for Amiga users, but I felt that the topics in the documentary didn’t tell the true story.

Viva Amiga lacks lots of content about AROS and MorphOS. The flow of the show made me follow and cry at times. But the editing is to widespread. The topic as in the trailer is supposed to be Amiga. Then it must be the entire thing. You can’t just take out any wars from the history because it doesn’t fit into the history of wars. The reason why Amiga is still here today is not just because of Classic Amiga and AmigaOS 4.x. It is the entire picture and that’s what Viva Amiga lacks.

Watch the Jeff Porter Interview on Amitopia TV here

Viva Amiga is out now, and it’s now available to watch in 12 languages and several streaming formats. The movie premiered at this week’s MAGfest, an annual games and music celebration outside of Washington DC in the USA.

This documentary focuses on the Amiga history, from the Commodore times until now. It also explains how and why Amigans still loves it in 2017. When watching it, you might even get emotional towards the whole history and that Dave Needle who participated in this documentary past away last year. This makes Viva Amiga a very strong movie, combined with Zachary Weddington talent for making great documentaries. Viva Amiga brings the Amiga feeling and souls to the whole world!

I’ve discussed with Zack about the issues with Viva Amiga and the fact that this Jeff Porter documentary would fit into the main documentary too. He comments that Viva Amiga is meant for everyone, so he told me that there will be several mini-documentaries later on that will be available for those hardcore fans that want all the details about anything related to the Amiga history.

The trailer of Viva Amiga is spot on. It gives me the interest for Viva Amiga, but once you see it. Then its not what you think it is and thats really sad since its taken time to make it. If you watch the interviews only, then it is worthy. But the documentary is not what I expected it to be.

 If you couldn’t make it to MAGfest, Viva Amiga is available now on iTunes, Vimeo OnDemand, Amazon, and Google Play among other platforms. For news on possible future screenings, follow the film on Facebook.