Finally. After weeks of waiting. The USB-C Revolution named PowerShark is soon coming to Amiga users all over the world as the creator reveals that PowerShark is alive on X (Twitter):

Happy New Year! It wouldn’t be an #Amiga product launch without some delay, but thankfully it will be quite minor. The first batch of PowerSharks has been manufactured and assembled, and is currently in QA. So while you cannot order yet, it’s very close now! Next update – Monday.

As you can see above. This PSU will make tons of external PSU history as this one only requires a USB-C connection to get power. The author told Amitopia at Amiga38 that there will be no issues turning on Classic Amigas with 68060s which requires more power.

Utilizing any 12V-capable USB-C power supply for the first stage conversion, PowerShark allows users to tap into a vast array of affordable and readily available “power bricks” for their Amiga system. Furthermore, portable USB-C “chargers” are also supported, bringing the dream of battery-operated Amigas to life. And it works flawlessly with magnetic USB-C adapters, too, ensuring an accident-free environment similar to “MagSafe”.

As you see!… PowerShark will help tons of Classic Amiga home computers as it is a remarkable game-changer regarding PSU solutions available for the platform. This must be one of the most innovative products made for Classic Amiga home computers!!!

Once the price and order are made available for PowerShark. Amitopia will be covering it.

Sources: X (Twitter) and the PowerShark website