The remarkable Italian-printed amiga magazine Passione Amiga is now available worldwide. You can purchase it on Amazon.

Content of Issue 17 Passione Amiga

This is a full-packed magazine for Italian Amiga users. It is the January-February release of the magazine! Here are Parrione Amiga Issue 17 highlights:

Games Review
Crimbo, STAR WARS: Dark Forces, L’Abbaye des Morts, Death Rally, Emerald Caves, Rally Cross, Project Quest, Super Bagman, Hop to the top: Bunny’s Revenge
IBrowse 3.0, zTools
A man called CLOANTO
Greaseweazle and Waffle
Amiga GCC – Not only Amiga…

And also: Games news, Tech news, THEA500 Mini news, Demo Scene, Back Chat…

Issue 17 (January/February 2004) of Passione Amiga is available NOW on Amazon: Passione Amiga 17 on Amazon