IBrowse is one of worlds longest living world wide web browsers for any platform. Now we know a little more about IBrowse 2.5 and the path onwards to IBrowse 3.0. The first thing that made me say “sigh…” to is that HTML5, CSS and DOM are now postponed until IBrowse 3.0. Other “sigh…” is that IBrowse 2.5 wont be ported to MorphOS. However the users will be able to use the IBrowse 2.5 68k version.

There seems also to be an issue from MorphOS developers side, where there is no developers that actually want to port AmiSSL v4 to MorphOS. But MorphOS users can use both IBrowse 2.5 and AmiSSL in 68k versions.

MUI4 and MUI5 on AmigaOS 3.x and AmigaOS 4.x VERSUS MUI4 on MorphOS
If the Amiga history havent had enough drama!

Hence IBrowse 2.5 was born. It is not just about OS4 though, there have been many other changes and fixes since IBrowse 2.4, including adding support for new features found in MUI 4 and 5.

The new MUI packages isnt optimized as much as MUI 3.8 was, so using the new MUI libs on 68030 is slow! Whoos idea was it to split the whole MUI thing? This is just weird and confusing. Why not call the MUI4 and MUI5 packages for AmigaOS 3.x and AmigaOS 4.x for MUInextgen or something?

Well! The news about IBrowse 2.5 came on 1st of April! Let’s hope its not a joke and that we might be able to see IBrowse 3.0 soon with CSS and HTML5 support. This is a browser I love and most of Amigans remember. Now it seems to be back. We hope so!

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