Released back in 1991 by Microprose, F1 Grand Prix is never abandoned as the game is still supported in 2022 thanks to Andy Clarke. This remarkable F1 3D vector racing game is still getting much-appreciated love and that’s what I love about the Amiga scene!

2022 Carset for F1 Grand Prix by Microprose

This is a 2022 car set to be installed on Microprose F1 Grand Prix (aka World Circuit) using Oliver Roberts’ F1GP Ed that you can find here.

Included in this package is a lot! You get In-game helmets and car color schemes. The carset archive also ads 10 active teams and 20 drivers from the 2022 F1 racing season.

The calculation of driver performance is based on the result of each Grand Prix or pre-season test. This entire 2022 carset is created on a real Amiga 1200 by Andy which is awesome. Keeping a game from 1991 still valuable to play in 2022 is in my view what the Amiga spirit is all about.

Get the Microprose F1 Grand Prix 2022 Car Set here.