Psyria is the awesome dance music maker behind The Last Obligation dance hit, which was also made with his Amiga. NOW! Psyria is back with his best-ever album ever made we think. And since I have been listening to Psyria’s awesome dance music since he started. I found out that it is time to do an Interview with Psyria ask the man behind it all, Mr Dennis Lohr which I met at AmigaTech BBQ Party in Germany.

Here is a nice promo for Psyria’s Moving On an album that was released on the 19th of October 2018

Here is the Interview with Dennis Lohr aka Psyria, which is making his music by using Amiga. But what kind of hardware? All of the answers can be found in this interview!

What kind of Amiga do you use?

For my music productions, I use two (real) Amiga 1200 and an emulation under WinUAE.

The main computer, my so-called “master system”, has the following configuration:

  • Amiga 1200T (Rev. 1D4)
  • OS3.9 BB2 (68k, WarpUp)
  • Blizzard PPC (603e+ [SCSI] 266 Mhz @ M68060/50 Mhz)
  • Blizzard BVision GFX-Card
  • 2MB Chip & 256MB Fastmem
  • Prelude1200 (16Bit Full Duplex SFX-Card)
  • Subway (USB-Controller)
  • Clockport-Expander MKII
  • C-Net Network Card (Ethernet)
  • Lyra 2 Adapter SE (Works only with an Amiga-Keyboard)
  • IDEFix with Express Module IDE-Gayle Adapter
  • 1 x CD-Rom
  • 1 x DVD-Rom

The second Amiga1200 is a laptop conversion and has the following configuration:

  • Amiga1200D (Rev. 1D4) with adapted Monitor Display
  • OS3.9 BB2 (68k)
  • Blizzard 1260 @ M68060/50 Mhz
  • 2MB Chip & 128MB Fastmem
  • Prelude1200 (16Bit Full Duplex SFX-Card)
  • Subway (USB-Controller)
  • Clockport-Expander MKII
  • WLAN Network Card

On both Amiga’s, I switch between AHI 4.180 and AHI6.x Sound settings. That is important for me, especially for the final renderings of selected channels.

The emulation under WinUAE serves for fast test purposes or test renderings of audio tracks.

Interview with Psyria the Amiga Eurodance Dance band Moving On
Psyria’s Amiga 1200T in action when making music

What software do you use?

For producing/arrangement I only use my (beloved) Digibooster Professional 2.21. For manipulating Samples I use SoundFx. For Preview listening with more rendered Sounds, all in I use AudioEvolution 3.

Interview with Psyria the Amiga Eurodance Dance band Moving On
Special Amiga 1200 from Petro to Psyria

What motivates you to use Amiga compared to a MAC or PC when making music?

I try to make the most of the possibilities I have at my disposal. The Amiga has its advantages, as does a Windows/PC. The main work of producing and arranging is done by the Amiga. The final mixdown of all tracks for a title is done on a PC. For this, I use the program “Audacity” and “Wavlab”. Here the possibilities are given to get the best out of the sound and to tune it. Thus I have possibilities, which
both systems offer me, to achieve the best result.

Now you ask yourself, why not do everything on one PC? No! Amiga is a great computer! Who has worked with it and is under its spell, can’t get rid of it anymore :-). It is simply the pure ideology that you can still work with an Amiga today and I would like to prove that with it.

Any Final Words from you to the Amiga world?

It is incredible that we manage to find more and more musicians all over the world that are still using Amiga for music-making. AmigaOS is such a nice operating system to work from. Once you understand it, you will find out why it is a perfect operating system for making music and graphics. AmigaOS is simply a very good tool for people that love to be creative. Yes, even in 2018! In AmigaOS, all programs just work. There is no automatic updates that out of sudden comes and deletes files you need. When working with your art in AmigaOS, you can focus on doing just that.

Psyria together with Blue Metal Rose and Paula Powered all use Amiga for making their music. It’s incredible what you can still do with Amiga in 2018 and these bands that use Amiga show exactly that. Support them, because Amitopia Amiga Magazine will always do that.


Psyria sent this to Amitopia Amiga Magazine
Psyria sent this to Amitopia Amiga Magazine

So, what are you waiting for? You can also start making music using Amiga!