One of the very first deals that Amitopia TV had back in 2007 was with Psyria. Since then, our YouTube channel have been using his music from time to time. And now Psyria is finally back. This brilliant Amiga musician, delivers one of his best musical achievements ever. Moving On is for sure yet another album that shines Amiga Creativity at its best from Psyria aka Dennis Lohr.

Psyria with Moving On Album Preview

Yet another Brilliant Amiga made Album by the legend Psyria

Amiga community is on its own when it comes to creativity. Why do anyone need a PC or a MAC to make music? Psyria as with Paula Powered and other bands using Amiga for making their music shows how brilliant Amiga still is for producing awesome music.

Psyria – Moving On

01. Intro / 02. Euphoria / 03. Atlantis / 04. Dark Heart / 05. I Miss You / 06. Feel Alright / 07. You Do / 08. Running / 09. You´re Ready / 10. Out Of Your Love / 11. Oldschool Babe / 12. Once In A Life / 13. Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow / 14. Everlasting

Music by Dennis Lohr. All tracks produced and mixed by Psyria
Amiga arrangement by Psyria.

Psyria (aka Dennis Lohr) and Amitopia really invites you to get hold of your Moving On album by  3H Dance Records. They are looking forward to your “moving on” as cd and download dances all over the world. This is true Amiga sounds in high quality dance production made for every dance lover out there. Psyria is so good at making  happy beautiful synthesizer dance pop music that you also can follow on

Don’t forget to order his album soon! Psyria Moving On CD on 19th of October 2018

Psyria with Moving on is Now Available for download and Streaming !

Digital Release happened on 5th of October 2018 !!! CD Release: 19.10.2018 Video production by Tom Payle for 3H Records. “Fight for your dreams! … and then … your dreams will fight for you!”

This is a unique dance artist. It is Dennis, which produces all of his music with Amiga. This is pure retro dance magic that we just love and want to share with you that needs your support. Amiga creativity at its best must be promoted and so Amitopia is here to that job as we love it including supporting Psyria a lot for his fantastic work.

Don’t forget to get the CD when its Released on 19th of October 2018. Support awesome artists like Psyria!



Source: 3H Records on Facebook