This driver supports PCIe soundcards that comply with the Intel HD Audio (Azalia) specification. It means that AmigaOS 4 supports an Intel HD Audio chip soundcard which is great.

AHI Intel HD Audio Driver for AmigaOS 4

AHI on the Amiga is a universal audio driver that supports various types of 16-bit soundcards as well as the native Paula sound chip that is found in Classic Amigas. AHI is a retargetable audio subsystem that is ported to be used with AmigaOS 4. It was created by Martin Blom in the mid-1990s.

AHI prefs for the Intel HD Audio driver offer both 16bit and 32bit HIFI modes. These modes basically determine what audio resolution goes into AHI. The output of the AHI HIFI mixing routine will always be 32bit. This driver will automatically select the best available resolution for playback so that you get the best results. AHI is a great system that makes soundcards connected to any Amiga system shine.

AHI is also available for MorphOS and AROS. Martin Blom from Sweden proved that Amiga is more than what it seems to be. Amiga computers support tons of soundcards because of him.

Intel HD Audio cards working with this AHI driver for AmigaOS 4

  • Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy FX (24bit/192kHz 5.1)
  • Startech PEXSOUND7CH (24bit/192kHz 7.1) -> Available under many different brands
  • Fransande 411944 (24bit/192kHz 7.1) -> Available under many different brands
  • Terratec AUREON 7.1 PCIe (24bit/192kHz 7.1)

Other Intel HD Audio Cards that should work with this driver: – Basically every combination of HD audio controllers and HD audio multichannel codecs (eg. CA0113, CM8828, CM9882A ALC898 etc)

For cards that don’t work. Please read the readme.