The news about Hyperion’s AmigaOS 3.2 is out has reached beyond the Amiga community. I just found out that mentioned in their news item:

AmigaOS 3.2 comes packed with well over 100 new features, dozens of updates that cover nearly all AmigaOS components, and a battery of bugfixes that will undoubtedly solidify the user experience.

This is a large overhaul of Amiga 3.x for 68k-based Amigas developed by Hyperion Entertainment. There’s a very long changelog available on Hyperion’s site, but one very interesting addition is built-in ADF management which greatly simplifies dealing with floppy disk images.

AmigaOS 3.2 by Hyperion’s freely helpers is a lot of improvements for Classic Amiga owners. For you, with AmigaOS 3.1.4 the upgrade ain’t too huge but the fact that AmigaOS 3.2 keeps the AmigaOS 3.1.4 changes too is important such as huge hard drive partitions even for FFS partitions. This is the most important thing to write about I think as Compact Flash Hard Drives can be easily made without adding tons of patches over and over on top of each other.

You can read about the AmigaOS 3.2 features here. Great to see OSNews mentioning Classic Amiga, if only a bit short.