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Amiga Gaming Exclusive by Javier Vega

Gloom Deluxe Revealed for all Amiga fans

Back in the times when Amiga was a young master in 3D FPS shooters and no one believed in that Doom would ever work on an Amiga. Something happened when Gloom Deluxe got released.

The Gloom Deluxe history begins when you enter the gates of Gloom. Or probably the gates of hell as some would say. On this dark corridors, you step inside and you notice all is quiet. Except Evil ones. You feel hungry but you realized that you forgot your snacks bag on your home.

All here is seems so quiet but still there are uninvited guests here you never ever imagine to expect. As you look up you at the ceiling in mediately you realize there are some animals walking on top of you. You see a rat and rapidly grab to your inventory as it may be a good piece of food . You take the rat and anxiousky eat it as it was candy to fill your somewhat kind of low energy.

The rat it was alive.You not feel afraid,you feel no regrets, you only feel excited to begin and fulfill your mission and leave mankind out of this world of Gloom.

A1200 68030 or Higher Recommended

Gloom Deluxe works on any Amiga with

68030 CPU or higher. A graphics card or

playing it in AGA mode

is recommended!

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Great Graphics in Gloom Deluxe

The graphics in Gloom Deluxe are awesome. Everything from the floor and ceiling of the dungeons, to the weapon’s fire as well as the enemies on the game, all are very well designed and greatly made for our pleasant eyes. These graphics

seem more to be pixel art than on any Playstation type of fame, but I don’t care seeing a game so well made as

the one that is occupating us.

The graphics can be ECS and AGA. In the case of being ECS, if you have 1MB of Chip you can play on an Amiga 2000 or an Amiga 500 then the colors on screen is limited to 32. If you play the AGA version you must have a CD32 (there is a native version for this Amiga console). This version also works on an Amiga 1200 or an Amiga 4000 even.

With AGA enabled you can play at the game with 256 colors at the same time on screen.

Anyway between when I saw Gloom Deluxe for the first time in 1998 on my Amiga 1300 by Micronik and now these days on my Amiga 500 I don’t see the real difference. And surely these graphics and sprites have more to do with Wolfenstein 3D and Testament 3D FPS games than with any Amiga, Mac or PC version of Doom.

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All you need to know about Gloom Deluxe

When you have the game, depending on which version you use and your type of Amiga you can boot from CD on an Amiga CD32, boot from floppy diskettes on an

Amiga 1200, Amiga 1300 or even Amiga4000 etc…

If you are owner of and Amiga with HD and accelerator card you will be grateful to know that the Gloom Deluxe game takes advantage of this features and yes I am a happy man because my Amiga 500 fulfill the requirements so I have:

An Amiga 500 computer with ACA 500+ACA 1232

accelerators (68030),ECS and 2 HDs.So the game installs easy and plays smoothly except in fullscreen that it plays well but not as fast.

Apart of this requirements I have to appoint a bit about the options of the menu screen. You have various. For example 2 Player game, to play with a friend, 2 Player Deathmatch and the most interesting, meaty or messy gore options.

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This option gives you the possibility to keep the floor clean or instead full of guts when you destroy some enemy of the game. This option is a must if you want to exploit the possibilities of this game. And don’t forget the resolution 1×1 or 2×2 options in the game screen and the option for the size of the screen.

There are more but i only wanted to appoint the more unusual yet interesting to quote. In this dungeons there’s barely no light. There is no Internet. There is no commercial food. There are no women. There’s only you and your gun. Small dark creatures hang around and take photos to publish on the magazine “Insectboy”, but not photos of you instead of his congenitals spiders and the like. That’s Gloom Deluxe tales. But let’s start with the game itself.

The Gloom Deluxe game covers of 3 worlds with six levels in which you will encounter with various types of enemies. For example on the dark corridors of World One you can bump in front of evil creatures such as soldiers, men semi-naked with their torax in the air and robot machines that will fire you with smoke type gun. These are very powerful and evil creatures than don’t look back and fire at will at you without any sense of being guilty or regrets about their behavior specially the soldiers and the machines.

You must take care and move quickly around in order to not be fired by these evil nasties.

On World Two “The Gothic Tomb” you will encounter 3 types of enemies.These are the ones that will probably want to sweep you to be out of the game. These creatures are Lizards,Black Phantoms and last but not least a specie of Demons/Trolls.These will appear later on World 3 too.

Let’s go then with the last part of the game that is well represented in World 3 “Hell”. This level graphically is a masterpiece to the eyes. It represents how hell is on a very “traditionalist” view. Demons on the walls, skulls on the floor and the likes represents this hellish passage in which you have stepped in and the last World until you get succeeded on your mission.

There you will find the following kind of creatures:Demons/Trolls,Black Phantoms,Flying Demon heads and last but not least again Big Red Demons.A place to tranquily sit down on a chair and begun to see your favorite Basketball or soccer match while you eat some chips while you hear the shoots of your enemies. A good place to die.

After the worlds and enemies review I want to appoint another thing that is crucial on your mission: Your gun powers.You have 4 type to choose or at least upgrade on your mission.First the orange ball one,the green, light green and finally white with dark blue.Each weapon has 5 points to upgrade.

At the beginning you will only have orange gun power with level one.If you succeeded to complete some levels of the first world you will be regarded with more power and even a green upgrade to your gun.When you exceed the limit of 5 points If you collect more power-ups they will transform your gun to a double fire gun or even three balls at once fire gun.

That rule will eventually give you more power and this will end up with your evil enemies being trashed quickly than before, so you manouver with better security against the nasties.

I want to appoint too that first world is difficult,second very difficult and the 3rd last one is hard as hell!!! Prepare for a real challenge if you want to finish the game

and finally stop eating rats alive

Conclusion to one of the Greatest Amiga 3D FPS games!

Gloom Deluxe is one of the best 3D Shooters for Amiga and any platform if not the best. With other great Amiga titles such Testament, Alien Breed 3D, Alien Breed 3D II The Killing Grounds and Genetic Species is Gloom Deluxe at par. It has great graphics (I particurarly love the gun’s graphic and when firing),great sound and a tittle graphic presentation that will freeze all hell over, with a very adequate music and the game itself is 3D shoot’em’up glory. Gore,guts and Gloom glory for you all players.

Gloom Deluxe doesn’t lack or fail at any point is the perfect Gloom sequel that will fulfill your Doom-style gaming desires, even being more close to Amiga 3D games.

So grab your gun, kill rats and do whatever you want…Gloom Deluxe is here!!! You must live your own adventure!!! Splendid awesome graphics and 3D action!!! Fire!!! Go!!!

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