If you are into F1 racing and still uses your beloved Amiga daily then this Amiga F1 guide might the thing you are looking for! You can use any Amiga Internet-capable machine to download it from Aminet. Goto Aminet and get this Amigaguide-document!

This Amigaguide-document is a must-have for any Amiga F1 freak out there

This is the Amigaguide-document covering every Formula One year for anyone interested in this type of racing. In this guide, you will see every important stats from 1950 to 2019. So this is Simply a must for every F1 freak out there!

Pasi Ylinen is the person behind this document. You can also check out his other guides on his website here. Including giving out this awesome F1 Amigaguide document. This person also got Euro 2020 updates with qualifications too. Just have a look at it here.

What is the AmigaGuide format?

AmigaGuide documents is a standard text guiding format that’s been with AmigaOS since 2.1. It is a hypertext reading guide format. In these documents, you can easily jump to different parts. Also starting from AmigaOS 3.0 the AmigaGuide tool was replaced with a more complete and flexible MultiView tool.

So if you use AmigaOS 3.0 or above you can configure the flexible MultiView tool to be the standard viewer. It can read any text or hypertext AmigaGuide text format including reading pictures that you allow AmigaOS to open.

You can read AmigaGuide on other systems

These are the apps that I found mentioned in the Wikipedia article online about this type of file. So if you find any AmigaGuide document then you might try the apps above.

So now even more people can enjoy these F1 stats that are released in AmigaGuide format on Aminet. Download the files, unpack and have a nice read if you love this or maybe even Euro 2020 world cup? Many classic Amiga machines can’t visit CSS hungry sites, so this is an easier way to get all of the important stats.