Poetry in Swedish released in AmigaGuide format

If you are from Sweden or knows how to read Swedish. This collection of poetry in Swedish is a must download from Aminet right now.

Swedish poetry in AmigaGuide-format for Everyone to Enjoy

Poetry about dinosaurs and other topics is sure interesting. For Norwegians, it is also interesting as most of us understand Swedish very well thanks to the Scandinavian version of TV3 broadcasting Swedish dubbed cartoons to thousands of Norwegian children at the end of the 1980s.

You can enjoy this all on your Classic Amiga in AmigaGuide file that you can download for free from Aminet. For others, this is also out on Archive.org to enjoy.

All Amiga users can enjoy reading this on their Amiga! AmigaGuide format is out for every Classic Amiga. So there is no reason for not picking this up if you understand Swedish.


Enjoy the Christmas time with this poetry. Or if you want more type of expression from creators. Why don’t you check out www.wozita.com ! The creative part of Distrita family.



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