A-EON co-founder Trevor gave us info about the new Enhancer Software Package v1.5 info, which will be available for free for all previous Enhancer Software owners in December this year. New owners will need to buy it though.

New Enhancer Software 2.0 package available
Enhancer Software package contains a lot for AmigaOS 4 and soon also AmigaOS 3.1.4

Highlights for AmigaOS 4 Enhancer Software v2.0 !

? RadeonHD (v3.6) driver
? RadeonRX(v1.11)driverwithsupportfor
? latest Polaris graphics cards
? Warp3Nova&Warp3DSI(v1.58)drivers
? New Unarchiver (& Archiver) utility
? X-Dock v2 with Dock Library support
? Hardware monitoring API – a first for any AmigaOS hardware… period!
? A host of other new features……….

Biggest news with the new RadeonHD driver for AmigaOS 4.x is that it will break the 256MB graphics RAM barrier. AmigaOS 4.x will then be able to use much more RAM on the supported graphics card.

New Enhancer Software 2.0 package available
Radeon Polaris support is not far away.

Supporting the latest Radeon Polaris cards

The new Enhancer 2.0 package which will be available in December, will also give support for the latest Radeon Polaris cards. This shows A-EON’s commitment to expand AmigaOS 4.x supported graphic cards list. RadeonRX will be pumped up to version 1.11

Also a advanced 2D and 3D shader based graphics system for AmigaOS 4 with OpenGLES 2 wrapper will be seen in the newest Warp3D Nova v1.58!

New Enhancer Software 2.0 package available

Classic AmigaOS users! Be prepared for Enhanced Classic

One of the most interesting news is the fact that A-EON wants to make a Enhanced package for Classic. This will be welcome for all of those that have got AmigaOS 3.1.4, which is the latest classic AmigaOS operating system made by Hyperion Entertainment.

In their latest presentation at AmiWest, A-EON is is calling Amigan’s all over the world to join the Enhancer Software Classic beta test programme for AmigaOS. In the presentation its written that AmigaOS 3.9 is required. But we do believe that AmigaOS 3.1.4 should be supported too.

If you are interested! Send mail to: enhancersoftware at amiga dot org ! It’s important to support classic AmigaOS! So, thanks for that.


Source: Trevor Dickinson